About Us

Program and Activities

We look forward to seeing you at the events, activities and gatherings of the new Palm Beach Theater Guild.  Our focus remains:

            *          Continuing to support the preservation and reopening of the Poinciana Playhouse

            *          In events and gatherings, bringing together common spirits and friends to support the performing and theater arts

During the Guild's 2013-2014 season in Palm Beach we presented events including:

            *  The one-man show ‘Keep Calm and Sing On’ of Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theater and Broadway star Barrie Ingham in January 2014, with World War I and World War II songs intercut with inspired speeches, ranging from British music hall and radio favorites to Shakespeare, Churchill and FDR.

            *  ‘Singing for Sailors and Soldiers’ Cabaret and Holiday Party in February 2014.

            *  A Night in Florence with the Florentine Camerata in April 2014, with an opera-night theme based loosely on the setting and story of the Florentine Camerata, a group of gentry, composers, writers and literati that met over the course of many years in Count Bardi’s home in Florence and, by the year 1600, invented the new art form of opera.  (Our goal:  to startle you with operatic art and arias in a stimulating social setting.)  The story of that Renaissance Camerata provides an inspiration for Theater Guild and Palm Beach seasons to come:  challenging us in gatherings and activities in our community to combine the fruits of prosperity, culture, conversation and cosmopolitan fun in social and cultural settings that can foster the performing arts, just as the Camerata did in Florence.

            *  Theater outings and trips.  Theater Guild members and supporters have gone together to many productions in the cluster of high-quality theaters, large and small, in the Palm Beach area.  We’ll continue that practice during the coming season.  Some of us have also visited the cluster of theaters that has become a robust regional theater center in the small and very scenic rural town of Ashland in southern Oregon.  The Oregon Shakespeare Festival there (www.osfashland.org) has grown to a nine-month season of drama, music theater and comedy, with three theaters of varying sizes, one seating 270-360 patrons, one seating 1,190 and one a mid-size house (like the Poinciana Playhouse in Palm Beach) seating 600.